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Archive for the 'SETC' Category

IDS 184 SETC 2010: Hayes & Weber

Posted in SETC10 on March 15th, 2010

John’s still on vacation, so it’s me doing everything again.

This week’s SETC 2010 coverage features Scott Hayes of Regent University and Donna Weber of the Georgia Shakespeare Festival.  Both of these folks have done some amazing things using Twitter with their productions and theatre companies.  Make sure to follow Georgia Shakespeare on Twitter!

Donna also has an interesting close call with some of the dance auditionees.  See the video!

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IDS 183 SETC 2010 Part 1: Garrison & Savidge

Posted in SETC10 on March 8th, 2010

While John is off on his family vacation, he left me here to write the shownotes and edit the audio for the first couple of our SETC 2010 shows.

We’re going to start things off with a bang:  Our good friend Gary Garrison, Executive Director Creative Activity for the Dramatists Guild of America.

Also, we have a new friend, Dr. Dale Savidge of North Greenville University.  He is researching (and ran an SETC workshop on) something near and dear to my heart, “How Theatre Might be Used in the Development of People with Asperger’s Syndrome“.

Some talking points:

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IDS SETC Podcasting Workshop 2010

Posted in SETC10 on March 6th, 2010

So, here is the audio of the Podcasting 101 workshop from SETC 2010 in Lexington, KY.  Thanks to everyone who came out and asked some great questions.  Let us know where we can find your podcast!

Oh yeah, here’s a PDF copy of the PowerPoint we used.

IDS-137 SETC 2009 Recap Week 4

Posted in SETC09 on March 30th, 2009

This week we have interviews with Ryan Chittaphong of the Stella Adler Acting Studio and Jen Lane.  We get buzzed by Cody Hann, Lance Lemmon, Nick Mason and Taylor Daugherty.  Bill Teague from the University of Alabama, Brad Oxnam of Middle Tennessee State University and Steve Earnest of Coastal Carolina University drop by to give us this week’s Dumbshow University update.

Here’s the last installment of SETC…stay tuned for our Humana Festival Coverage!

Deep Fried Theatre:

The Buzz:

  • Cody Hann
  • Lance Lemmon
  • Nick Mason
  • Taylor Daugherty

Dumbshow University:

IDS-136 SETC 2009 Recap Week 3

Posted in SETC09 on March 23rd, 2009

This week, we have interviews with Dorian Boyd of Venice Theatre and Hollywood Jackie Springfield stops by to discuss her vocal workshop panel presentation.  We get buzzed by Casey Saling, Katie Crevise, Daniel Hernandez, and John Lennon.  Dumbshow University updates are given by Jeff Green of Southwest Georgia University and Paul B. Crook of Louisiana Tech.

Here’s our week 3 Recap:

Deep Fried Theatre:

The Buzz:

Dumbshow University:

IDS-135 SETC 2009 Recap Week 2

Posted in SETC09 on March 16th, 2009

Flying solo again this week on the Intro & Closing of the show.  John will be back next week to bring me out of the closet.

In the meantime, here’s Week 2 of our SETC 2009 Recap!



  • Jessica Fergusson from Campbell University
  • Ian Gabriel Gonzales Mutiner from Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Marcus Banks
  • Liz Walsh from MTSU

Dumbshow University:

IDS-134 SETC 2009 Recap Week 1

Posted in SETC09 on March 9th, 2009

Here’s the first episode of our recap of the Southeastern Theatre Conference 2009 in Birmingham, AL!  We’ll hear from:

Don’t worry!  There’s plenty more to come next week…and the week after…and the week after that!

We enjoyed getting to see all our “old” friends and meet some new ones this year!  Thanks again to Beth Harvey and everyone in the SETC Central Office for all of their support this year.

2009 SETC Podcasting Workshop

Posted in SETC09 on March 6th, 2009

Thanks to everyone in attendance of our “Podcasting 101” workshop at the 2009 Southeastern Theatre Conference in Birmingham, AL!

As promised, here’s the audio of the workshop in podcast form! You can also find the PDF file of the Powerpoint presentation here, too!

IDS 86 “The Renegades of Funk”

Posted in SETC08 on April 7th, 2008

This week is our last blowout bonanza for SETC. We have some great interviews with Gary Garrison of the Dramatists Guild of America, Daniel Banks (a keynote speaker) and a woman of major importance, April J’Callahan Marshall. Listen to these great interviews and tune in next week for the first of several installments of our time at the Humana Festival hosted by the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville.

SETC (Part 5):

Inexplicable Moments:

Miss Any SETC:

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IDS Episode 85 “Back to the Original”

Posted in SETC08 on March 31st, 2008

This week we have more Southeastern Theatre Conference interviews…the hits keep coming! We also have a “sneak peak” of our time at the Humana Festival at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville.

SETC (Part 4):

Inexplicable Moments

Did you miss anything so far from SETC…

Humana Sneak Peak:

Thanks to all that we have interviewed at SETC and the Humana Festival. Give us your thoughts as always at 615-866-1282 or by e-mail.