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Has your company been featured on the podcast? Want to promote that fact to your own website readers? Have you just heard something you’d like to share with your friends? Well, never fear! Here is a crash-course in how to direct your readers directly to the episode of our podcast that features your company!

Guidelines for Linking Your Website Back to the Inexplicable Dumb Show

Thanks for taking part in the Inexplicable Dumb Show! We are thrilled that you were able to take part in our show! We are sure that you will want to share your interview segment with your friends, family and your patrons, so here’s a quick and easy way to link your website back to your episode of the Inexplicable Dumb Show.


After your show goes live, we will send you a link URL (basically the website address directly to your episode) which will look something like this:

Don’t bother trying to click on that link. It doesn’t go anywhere. We try to send everyone who is featured on the show a link directly to their episode of the podcast. You will need to copy and paste that link into the code on your website (or have your web person do it for you). You can use any piece of text to create the link or you can use one of the graphics which we have supplied for you to use! If you’d like, you can also link back to our main site in addition to linking back to your specific episode. If you’d like to do that, too, please use this URL:

The Graphics

We have a graphic designer chained to a table with a computer on it cranking out these graphics for us and we don’t feed him until folks like you use them on your site. So, to keep your conscience clear, here’s how you can do that.

First, choose the graphic you’d like to use. There are sampling of them at the bottom of this page. There are a essentially two sizes to choose from and two background colors (white and black). We would ask that you not resize or alter these graphics in any way when using them on your site.

Next, download the graphic you’d like to use! Each of these graphics is available for download by clicking on the graphic of your choice right from this document! After you’ve downloaded your graphic, upload it to your site and create the link!

144×144 (pixels)

The Banner

A Few More Things

We track the downloading of our shows very closely. Those tracking numbers are very important to us from a business standpoint. We’d like to keep bringing you the IDS for free, but it does cost money to keep up the website and pay for the recording equipment and media. We use these download stats to attract potential advertisers to the show to help offset these costs. Please use the URL provided when linking to the show. This will allow your friends, family and patrons to download the show directly from our servers and thereby help out our show! We would ask that you refrain from altering the episodes in anyway and reposting them on your site (and thereby avoiding our site altogether).

That’s it! You’re done! Thanks for being part of the show and we hope you’ll come back again!


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