The Inexplicable Dumb Show is a weekly podcast that focuses on the life of professional actors! We highlight professional, regional theatre companies, discuss union issues for actors, conduct interviews with a wide variety of people from “The Business” and highlight audition opportunities from professional theatres all over the world! We also have weekly feature segments where we discuss various issues that actors face while seeking work and the various goings-on at educational theatre programs from all around the globe! We love the theatre, especially those theatres around the world that are not in the limelight as much as theatres in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. There’s good theatre happening all over the place and people need to know about it! That’s where we come in.

Each week we discuss our lives as professional artists and have our guests give insight into their professional careers. This segment has featured interviews with Bill Bowers, Stoney Westmoreland, Craig Wroe, Misty Lee, and José Angel Santana. We also keep you up-to-date on upcoming auditions!

If it’s Equity, you’ll find it here! Everything from contract negotiations to the Equity cot!

A weekly look at theatre companies from all over the American Southeast! We highlight their upcoming productions and especially their upcoming auditions!

This is the “meat and potatoes” of the podcast. It’s a point-counterpoint discussion of selected topics every week. The subject matter has varied from creating an online presence for actors to American Idol. The sky’s the limit and we are both full of enough hot air to almost reach it!

Periodically, we will delve into the world of academic theatre. Got an educational theatre program you’d like us to talk about? Drop us a line and we’ll gladly feature your program on the podcast!

This is your chance to make your voice hear on the podcast! We play voicemails left at our number, (615) 866-1282, or on our Skype voicemail (dumbshow-podcast). We also do dramatic readings of listener e-mails and comments on the website!

Our “theraputic” minute in which we can go off on just about everything!

Our newest segment takes a look across the pond and around the world! We love getting comments and questions with an international flair…even if we are American.

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