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IDS 533 The Nerd opens at Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre this week! -
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RT @nashrep: #RaisinFacts Hansberry's family was involved in Hansberry v. Lee, preventing African Americans from buying houses in white nei…
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RT @chaffinsbarn: The secret is out! This THURS Evening & SUN Afternoon ONLY... 50% OFF! $30! "SEEING STARS IN DIXIE" call 6156469977…
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IDS 531 @EDPastoCrosby talks staging the sweet science of And in this Corner: Cassius Clay at @NCT_ChildThtr
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Archive for the 'SETC12' Category

IDS 273 Spring 2012 SETC Week 3

Posted in Episodes, SETC, SETC12 on March 26th, 2012

The last installment of the IDS’s visit to the Spring 2012 Southeastern Theatre Conference.

On this week’s episode are:

  • Bethany Sparks
  • Paul Bawek
  • Michael Morrison
  • Keone Fuqua
  • Brie Greer
  • Michael Martin
  • Corey Cavenaugh (not mentioned in the opening or closing segments thru an oversight on the inexplicable dumb show’s part…The IDS apologizes for that.)

What was your take on the conference?  Call 615-866-1282!  E-mail it as well…[podcast(at)inexplicabledumbshow(dot)com]

IDS 272 Spring SETC 2012 Week 2

Posted in Episodes, SETC, SETC12 on March 19th, 2012


In this second installment of IDS’s coverage of the Spring Southeastern Theatre Conference 2012, I am joined by:

  • Evan Williams

  • Roger Robinson (Keynote Speaker)
  • Gogo Lomo David
  • Jamar Jones
  • Churaqui Mosely

Were you at SETC?  Got a story to tell? Call 615-866-1282 or fire off an e-mail [podcast(at)inexplicabledumbshow(dot)com]

IDS 271 SPRING 2012 SETC Week 1

Posted in Episodes, SETC, SETC12 on March 12th, 2012

This is the first installment of the IDS’s coverage of the Spring 2012 Southeastern Theatre Conference.  On this episode are the following guests:

  • Ken Feinberg
  • Lauren Ashlee Street

  • Richard Robichaux (Keynote Speaker)
  • Rick St. Peter
  • Dr. Bill Gelber
  • Charles Edward Pogue

Got a comment about your SETC experience?  Call 615-866-1282 and tell the Inexplicable Dumb Show about it!  Or put in an e-mail [podcast(at)inexplicabledumbshow(dot)com]

IDS 270 Spring SETC preview 2012

Posted in Episodes, SETC, SETC12 on March 5th, 2012

It’s SETC week!  Time for a preview!  Let’s have a great conference!

Be part of the IDS by calling, 615-866-1282!  Put your thoughts in an e-mail [podcast(at)inexplicabledumbshow(dot)com]