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IDS 594 IDS 2018 Summer Rep Vol 4

We conclude the 2018 IDS Summer Rep with an IDS original adaptation by John Mauldin of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story entitled The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone.  Enjoy!!

Our IDS cast:

John Mauldin as Sherlock Holmes and Sam Merton.

Brad Oxnam as Dr. Watson, and Count Sylvius.

Tara Mauldin as Announcer and Lady Cantlemere.


Kristin James as Ms. Bartell.


A. Mauldin as Billy.

Billy shows Dr. Watson the dummy of Sherlock Holmes. 1921 illustration by Alfred Gilbert.

Count Negretto Sylvius prepares to attack the dummy of Sherlock Holmes. 1921 illustration by Alfred Gilbert.

    Sherlock Holmes surprises Count Negretto Sylvius and Sam Merton. 1921 illustration by Alfred Gilbert.
  • Musical excerpt Barcarole (From “Tales of Hoffman”) from the album Italian Wedding Music and can be purchased here.

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