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IDS 601 Jenny Paul Talks the New Interactive Series “Adulting with Jane”

This week I’m joined via Skype by Jenny Paul (actor, producer, director) as we talk her upcoming web-series entitled Adulting with Jane.  We also talk some interesting new technological advancements that may change the way you watch your favorite shows.  Enjoy!!

Paying the Rent:

Look for Jenny as ‘Maureen’ in the new
HULU Original, The Looming Tower.

Look out for Jenny in Episode 1, Season 2 of Jessica Jones on NETFLIX. Check out, Dead Layer.

Check out her latest series with Intent Entertainment:

Adulting with Jane

Look for Extinct, a short film by Veronica Dang, airing starting on November 09 on AAFL TV (Asian American Film Lab) Program which Jenny acts in and co-produced.

Check out You’re The Pest which Jenny was the line producer/producer for 6 episodes.

Jenny previously appeared as a guest on the IDS with episodes, 573 and 441.

The IDS apologizes for the two phone calls in the background on this recording, ugh, robocalls.

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