IDS 188 Humana Week 2 Fissures (lost and found) and Heist!

Our second installment of coverage of the 34th Humana Festival of New American Plays hosted by Actors Theatre of Louisville features an interview with the playwrights of Fissures (lost and found) (Steve Epp, Cory Hinkle, Dominic Orlando, Dominique Serrand, Deborah Stein and Victoria Stewart).  With a follow up interview with Deborah Stein, playwright of Heist! which was the Acting/Intern companies showcase production this year.

Deep Fried Theatre:

Fissures (Lost And Found)

Casey Grieg. Photo by Harlan Taylor
Casey Grieg, Emily Gunyou Halaas,Dominique Serrand, Megan Hill. Photo by Harlan Taylor
Dominique Serrand. Photo by Harlan Taylor
Dominique Serrand, Emily Gunyou Halaas, Nathan Keepers, Megan Hill. Photo by Harlan Taylor

Check more on Fissures (lost and found) on Actors Theatre of Louisville’s YouTube channel here and here.


by Deborah Stein

Courtney Moors. Photos by Frankie Steel
David Darrow and Kara Davidson. Photos by Frankie Steel
Gwen Ellis and Brett Robinson. Photo by Frankie Steel
Matthew Whitfield and Kara Davidson. Photo by Frankie Steel
Robbie Tann. Photo by Frankie Steel

Check out more on Heist! on Actors Theatre of Louisville’s YouTube channel here.

If you are ever in Louisville, then 21c is worth  a look.  A very fun place!

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