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IDS 460 IDS Halloween Spooktacular 2015

Happy Halloween, IDSers!!  Enjoy our presentation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher from the old radio series, Escape!

From Generic Radio Workshop:

“We Promise You…Escape!” makes a suitable counterpoint to those tales “Well-Calculated to Keep You in…Suspense!” — an anthology of high adventure to contrast with Suspense’s low cunning. Some stories could adapt to either program (and several were) , but Escape emphasized the thrills to Suspense’s chills. Three Skeleton Key may be Escape’s best-remembered episode, and creating the sound of hundreds of rats is still a challenge for any audio effects artist today.

Paul Frees and William Conrad were two of the brilliant late-era radio talents who added a dose of testosterone to the exiting adventures for listeners who “tired of the everyday grind.”



The Cast:

Brad Oxnam as Announcer, Valet, Physician, and Roderick Usher.

Brad Oxnam as Announcer, Valet, Physician, and Roderick Usher.

John Mauldin as Announcer, and Narrator.

John Mauldin as Announcer and Narrator.

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