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IDS 465 Tis The Season

This week I take a little pause from the turkey coma, throw a few lights up around the studio, and take a quick glance around at some of the Christmas entertainment Nashville has to offer.  Also, an IDS tradition of a Christmas performance by Mark Cabus.  Enjoy!!


Some of what Nashville has to offer…

Shout out to IDSer, Scott Stewart who plays Old Max in this production.

Shout out to IDSer, Scott Stewart, who plays Old Max in this production.

Jennifer Richmond - Jeremy Maxwell - Daniel Bissell Martha Wilkinson - Craig Hartline Steven Kraski - Lisa Marie Wright

Cast of Yule Y’all at Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre: Jennifer Richmond, Jeremy Maxwell, Daniel Bissell, Martha Wilkinson, Craig Hartline, Steven Kraski, and Lisa Marie Wright.

and a Nashville tradition…


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