IDS 560 From Moscow to a Funeral

This past week I have closed a Belmont University/Verge Theater Company production of Three Sisters and I am about to start Southern Fried Funeral at Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre.  So, no guest this week, instead just a little chat to catch up with you, IDSers.  Enjoy!!

Paying The Rent:

(Top Row: L to R) Martha Wilkinson as Dorothy Frye, Jenna Pryor as Sammy Jo Frye-Lefette, Jenny Norris Light as Harlene Frye (Middle Row: L to R) Jairus Maples as Dewey Frye, Jr, John Mauldin as Dub Frye, Brett Cantrell as Atticus Van Leer (Bottom Left): Nettie Kraft as Martha Ann Fox
(Left to Right): Bradley Moore as Beecham Lefette, Layne Sasser as Fairy June Cooper, Charlie Winton as Benny Charles Greenwood, and Joy Tilley Perryman as Ozella Meeks.

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