IDS 585 IDS 2018 Summer Rep Vol 1

This is the start of the IDS’s Summer Rep Series. For those that don’t know, the IDS recreates old radio programs to the best of our abilities for your entertainment and our amusement.  One a month all summer long!!  Up first is a classic episode from the OTR series, ROMANCE, entitled The Strip Teaser and the Space Warp.  Enjoy!!

Helen of Troy by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London)

Our IDS Cast:

Kristin James as Helen La Tour.
Brad Oxnam as Dr. Timothy J. Brown.
John Mauldin as Benny Spelvin, the space bum.


Taylor Gentry as Announcer (Dan Cubberly) and Sam the Waiter.

and introducing…

Akil Lyle as the Emcee, and Luigi “the Lug” Camponello.

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