IDS 642 Christmas Special 19

Merry Christmas, IDSers!! Season’s Greetings!! This year’s IDS Christmas Special is our take on an old time radio program called Empire Builders. This episode is from 1930 and it is entitled Attar of Roses. So pull yourself into your favorite chair and drink a cup of eggnog and enjoy!!

Our IDS Cast:

Brad Oxnam as The Old Timer, Doctor, and Announcer Ted Pearson.
Kristin James as Nurse Barton and Anne.
John Mauldin as Stephen Burroughs and Local Announcer.


Tara Mauldin as Virginia Monahan and Nurse Grey.

Excerpts of Jingle Bells, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Silent Night are from the Album: Christmas Piano 50+ Christmas Classics and can be purchased here.

Excerpt from Carol of the Bells is from the Album: Christmas Bells: Organ Chimes Bells of Berkshire and can be purchased here.

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