IDS 647 St. Patrick’s Day Special 2020

Erin Go Bragh! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, IDSers!! We celebrate by recreating an episode of the Old Time Radio series, Camel Caravan, from 1935 entitled Strike Up the Banshee. Enjoy!!

Our IDS Cast:

Brad Oxnam as Von Zell, Jack, Sorin, and the Banshee.
John Mauldin as Walter O’Keefe, and Hunt.


Tara Mauldin as Frost and Mrs. McGillicuddy.

Musical Selections:

Concertina Reel, An Draighnean Donn, The Old Hag in the Kiln, Star of Munster, and Nora Criona from Uilleann Pipes by Pat Mitchell.

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