IDS 659 New Year’s Special 2021

Happy New Year, IDSers!! We end a year that was trying, to say the very least, and horrifying, to say the most. IDS’s hometown started the year with tornadoes and ended it with a bombing. IDSers have lost jobs, gigs, and in some cases, loved ones due to COVID and other causes. But we will carry on and as our nation heals so will all the IDSers, we promise.

Our New Year Special reflects this theme of healing after devastation in our choice of the old time radio series, Assignment: Home. The episode is entitled The Face and it follows the rehabilitation of a soldier in WWII recovering from severe injuries. Please listen to the story of T/5 Harold Ingalls as he rebuilds his life and know that 2021 will be a year of healing for all of us.

Our IDS Cast:

Brad Oxnam as Narrator, Major Biddle, Johnny, Mac Goldstein, Bill Ingalls, and Bartender.
John Mauldin as T/5 Harold Ingalls, Colonel Trasker, and Drunk.


Tara Mauldin as Lt. Virginia Turner, Girl, and Mother Ingalls.

There are still soldiers that need help recovering from severe wounds so please donate to Wounded Warrior Project, here.

For the latest on COVID-19 from the CDC go here.

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