IDS 662 Larry Groebe with Project Audion

Well, IDSers, this episode serves as our St. Patrick’s Day Special and it’s an extra long episode so you will need plenty of green things to eat and drink as you listen to it. It’s a treat because the first part of the episode is a delightful interview via Zoom with Larry Groebe of Generic Radio Workshop and he is also the Grand Poobah of Project Audion. Larry organized voice actors and old time radio enthusiasts from around the globe to recreate old radio episodes via the internet. As an example of this, the second half of this IDS episode is the latest Project Audion offering from an OTR series, Dimension X, with an episode entitled Requiem. IDS’s own Brad Oxnam voices Charlie, Leslie Marberry voices Announcer/Mother and John voices the part of Henry and he directs the episode as well. Enjoy!!

For more information on Project Audion go to the FaceBook page or the YouTube page.

Deep Fried Theatre:

The Project Audion Cast for “Requiem”:

Top row: L to R: John Mauldin (as Henry) in Tennessee, Jacob Palka (as McIntyre) in Illinois and Rachel Pulliam (as Young Del and Charlotte) in Missouri
Middle Row: L to R: Leslie Marberry (as Mother and Announcer) in Tennessee, Larry Groebe (as D.D. Harriman) in Texas, and Marty Bufalini (as Host, Doctor, and Kamens) in Michigan
Bottom Row: L to R: Bob Beaumont (as Fred & Marshall) in California, Brad Oxnam (as Charlie) in Tennessee
Sound Effects were by Ken Rainey in Texas, and John Mauldin directed.

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