IDS 668 Halloween Special 2021

Happy Halloween, IDSers!! May it be as trick or treat filled as you desire. We, at the IDS, want to do our part and we love playing tricks or treats with our friends from Project Audion!

So, this year’s IDS Halloween Special is a collaboration with Project Audion which is an old episode of the OTR series, The Whistler. This 70 year old episode is entitled The Man From the Morgue and this recording is the only one in existence…how’s that for a treat!!! Enjoy, if you dare!!!!

Appropriate to the Halloween month – but good listening anytime – Project Audion’s latest premiere is an episode of old time radio’s long-running (1942-1955) mystery anthology series, “The Whistler”. Over 700 episodes were originally broadcast, but we’re recreating one that doesn’t survive: “Man from the Morgue” which aired January 13, 1952 and was since lost. Our coast-to-coast cast features outstanding performances all transcribed live via Zoom…Here they are:

Jeff Billard in Massachusetts
Larry Groebe in Texas
Chris Hart in Florida
Kristin James, California
Ken Jeffries, California
John Mauldin, Tennessee
Rhiannon McAfee, California
Greg McAfee, California
Brad Oxnam, Tennessee

Sound patterns were performed by Ele Matelan in Illinois.

The show was directed by Jon Mauldin and produced by Larry Groebe.

Check our Project Audion on their Facebook page or YouTube page. More on The Generic Radio Workshop here.

Music Selection in opening and closing segments of this episode of the Inexplicable Dumb Show is:

Dance of the Demon by Edouard Holst and performed by Gothic Philharmonic & The Synthesizer and can be purchased here.

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