IDS 678 IDS Xmas Special 2022

Merry Christmas, IDSers!! Happy Holidays to one and all!!! It’s that time of year for the IDS Xmas Special and for 2022 we’re doing an episode of the Old TIme Radio series, The Life Of Riley, entitled No Christmas Bonus This Year. Time to take stock of the year just gone by, and the people who you spent it with. So, grab yourself some hot peppermint cocoa, sit in your comfy chair, and listen to our Christmas card to you!! Enjoy!!


John Mauldin as Chester A. Riley, Man #2, and I.B.
Brad Oxnam as Announcer, Gillis, Man #1, Man #3, Stevenson, and Digger O’Dell.
Tara Mauldin as Peg and Woman.


Lacey Deline as Millie and Babs.


A.Mauldin as Junior.

with musical selection from:

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Salt Peanuts from the album, Peanuts for Christmas which can be purchased here.

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