IDS 683 IDS Summer Rep 2023 vol 3

This is the last episode of this year’s IDS Summer Rep. For those that don’t know; during the summer, the IDS recreates old radio programs to the best of our abilities for your entertainment and our amusement. One a month-ish all summer long!! We close out summer this year with a classic Sherlock Holmes episode entitled Death in the Club Window. Enjoy!!

Our IDS Cast:

John Mauldin as Sherlock Holmes.
Brad Oxnam as Dr. Watson & Molders.
Tara Mauldin as Ms.Bell.


Taylor Gentry as Smithers and Peebles.

and introducing…

Matthew Dolan as Smith.

with excerpts from the musical selection of Paganini: 24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op1: Caprice in G Minor, Op1 No 16 played by Midori which can be purchased here.

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