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  • IDS 597 Blackbird Theater Returns with a Remount of Twilight of the Gods

    In this episode, we rejoice at the return of Blackbird Theater.  After a two year hiatus, Wes Driver and Greg Greene return Blackbird Theater with a remounting of the show […]

  • IDS 476 Blackbird Theater The Crucible

    This week I go “on-location” to interview Wes Driver (Artistic Director) and Greg Greene (Managing Director) of Blackbird Theater about their latest production; which is in conjunction with the Theatre […]

  • IDS 458 A Personal Day

    With the tech week and opening weekend of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead at Nashville Repertory Theatre, my brain was a little fried when it came time to get this […]

  • IDS 385 Blackbird Theater Roger’s Version

    On Location:  This week I’m joined by Wes Driver (Artistic Director of Blackbird Theater, Director, and Adaptionist of John Updike’s Roger’s Version) and by actors: David Compton (Roger), Amanda Card […]

  • IDS 336 Blackbird Theater Oleanna

    This week I am joined by Wes Driver and Greg Greene from Blackbird Theater with special guest Derrick Castle of Straw Castle Design. Deep Fried Theatre:   Get Tickets here. […]

  • IDS 322 Update

    Ok, so this week is a little tight schedule wise…10 out of 12s and dress rehearsals for Amadeus.  So…here’s a review of shows that are heating it up here in […]

  • IDS 321 Blackbird Theater Amadeus

    This week I go on location to the secret rehearsal space for Blackbird Theater’s production of Amadeus which is located in building #30 on the campus of Lipscomb University.  I […]

  • IDS 292 Gig Alerts

    So, some good news!  I have booked some gigs!!  I have gigs with Street Theatre Company, Lamplighter’s Theatre Company, and Blackbird Theater of Nashville!  I am really excited to be […]

  • IDS 280 Audition Season

    It is that time of year again for us here in Nashville…audition season.  This week I chat about some of the theatre companies in Nashville and what lies in store […]

  • IDS 266 Blackbird Theater Pacific Overtures

    This week I am joined by Brad Oxnam (actor) in Studio 1103 as we chat about his roles in Blackbird Theater’s production of Pacific Overtures. Paying the Rent: Blackbird Theater […]

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