Tag: Brad Oxnam

  • IDS 257 Boiler Room Theatre Oliver

    This week Brad Oxnam stops by Studio 1103 to chat about his latest undertaking with Boiler Room Theatre.  He is in their production of Oliver! which opened on Nov. 18th […]

  • IDS 239 Boiler Room Theatre

    Brad Oxnam returns this week to plug his show with Boiler Room Theatre.  He will be performing the role of William Morris Barfee in BRT’s production  of “The 25th Annual […]

  • IDS 238 Brad Oxnam the Community Organizer

    This episode, I chat with Brad Oxnam about his use of Facebook to create a Nashville Theatre Community web presence and how said community has responded to it. The Two […]

  • IDS 230 Theatre Ensemble of Nashville in Earnest

    We have Patti Moore, Managing Director of Theatre Ensemble of Nashville, returning to be our guest as we chat about her company’s upcoming production of  “The Importance of Being Earnest”. […]

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