Tag: Christopher Bosen

  • IDS 393 Playhouse Nashville Darren Van Michael

    This week I am on location with Christopher Bosen of Playhouse Nashville and Darren Van Michael,¬†playwright, as we discuss Darren’s play, Scarecrows Will Never See The Sunset which also just […]

  • IDS 378 Playhouse Nashville Ultrasound

    This week I am joined in Studio 1103 by Christopher Bosen (Director), Garret Schneider (Playwright) and via Skype Rebekah Durham (actor) as we discuss Playhouse Nashville‘s upcoming production of Garret’s […]

  • IDS 343 Devil Sedan Playhouse Nashville

    This week I go “on location” to interview Kenley Smith (playwright)¬† and Christopher Bosen (director) about Playhouse Nashville’s upcoming production, Devil Sedan.¬† We are joined by cast members Kristin McCalley […]

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