Tag: Payin

  • IDS 168 the philosophy of oedipus rex audiobook

    This week we have interview with…well…us.  Each of us has a paying the rent.  Tee is recording an audio book.  John is playing Oedipus in a three person version of […]

  • IDS 167 Scott Walters

    This week we have a discussion with Scott Walters about a new business model for theatres in a small market.  We also discuss the “myth of Broadway”. Deep Fried Theatre: […]

  • 160 The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety

    This week we have an interview with playwright, Kristoffer Diaz, where we discuss his new work on wrestling and geopolitics. Payin’ the Rent: Kristoffer’s blog Victory Gardens Theatre (Chicago, IL) […]

  • 147 “Paul Russell”

    This week we talk with actor, casting director, and acting guru…Paul Russell. Payin’ the Rent: Paul Russell’s Blog Paul’s book…”ACTING: Make it Your Business” Paul’s workshop “Access to Agents” Paul’s […]

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