• IDS 226 Ben Cameron at SETC 2011

    This is the first episode of our coverage of the 62nd Annual Spring SETC and we have joining us today, Ben Cameron, the 2011 Distinguished Career Award Recipient.  Ben is […]

  • IDS 207 SETC Recap, Tee’s Voiceover, & T-BALL

    This episode…John gives an update on his SETC Fall Audition, Tee showcases his first voiceover work for MWSU, and the drama that is T-BALL!!! Payin’ the Rent: SETC Dollywood Harold […]

  • IDS 205 – SE(T)C

    This week, John reports on gearing up for his SETC Fall auditions in Atlanta and we talk about one of our other passions:  SEC Football. Break-a-leg John!!! Give us a […]

  • IDS 204 – Return of the Tee

    This week marks the day you’ve all been waiting for.  Right?  It’s the return of Tee to the show!  I had to take a month off to move my entire […]

  • IDS 184 SETC 2010: Hayes & Weber

    John’s still on vacation, so it’s me doing everything again. This week’s SETC 2010 coverage features Scott Hayes of Regent University and Donna Weber of the Georgia Shakespeare Festival.  Both […]

  • IDS 183 SETC 2010 Part 1: Garrison & Savidge

    While John is off on his family vacation, he left me here to write the shownotes and edit the audio for the first couple of our SETC 2010 shows. We’re […]

  • IDS SETC Podcasting Workshop 2010

    So, here is the audio of the Podcasting 101 workshop from SETC 2010 in Lexington, KY.  Thanks to everyone who came out and asked some great questions.  Let us know […]

  • IDS-137 SETC 2009 Recap Week 4

    This week we have interviews with Ryan Chittaphong of the Stella Adler Acting Studio and Jen Lane.  We get buzzed by Cody Hann, Lance Lemmon, Nick Mason and Taylor Daugherty.  […]

  • IDS-136 SETC 2009 Recap Week 3

    This week, we have interviews with Dorian Boyd of Venice Theatre and Hollywood Jackie Springfield stops by to discuss her vocal workshop panel presentation.  We get buzzed by Casey Saling, […]

  • IDS-135 SETC 2009 Recap Week 2

    Flying solo again this week on the Intro & Closing of the show.  John will be back next week to bring me out of the closet. In the meantime, here’s […]

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