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  • IDS 473 Shane Burkeen of Nashville Repertory Theatre talks Social Media and Workshops

    This week, I’m joined via Skype by Shane Burkeen, Nashville Rep’s Visual and Digital Communications Manager,  and we pass time during Snowmaggedon 2016 by chatting social media tips for theatres […]

  • IDS 201 Nashville Shakespeare Festival & Steve Wedan

    In this episode, we take a look at The Nashville Shakespeare Festival and what our buddy, Steve Wedan, is doing these days. Deep Fried Theatre: Nashville Shakespeare Festival Apprentice Company […]

  • IDS 184 SETC 2010: Hayes & Weber

    John’s still on vacation, so it’s me doing everything again. This week’s SETC 2010 coverage features Scott Hayes of Regent University and Donna Weber of the Georgia Shakespeare Festival.  Both […]

  • IDS 183 SETC 2010 Part 1: Garrison & Savidge

    While John is off on his family vacation, he left me here to write the shownotes and edit the audio for the first couple of our SETC 2010 shows. We’re […]

  • IDS SETC Podcasting Workshop 2010

    So, here is the audio of the Podcasting 101 workshop from SETC 2010 in Lexington, KY.  Thanks to everyone who came out and asked some great questions.  Let us know […]

  • IDS 171 Turkey Day at Atlantic Stage

    This week we chat with Thom Penn, Managing Director, of Atlantic Stage in Myrtle beach, SC.  Deep Fried Theatre: Atlantic Stage Tickets New Space Call us at 615-866-1282 or e-mail (podcast@inexplicabledumbshow.com)

  • IDS 169 Oedipus Rex

    This week we chat with John Holleman, director,  of the upcoming production of Oedipus Rex.  The show runs Nov. 13th-15th and 19th-21st at the Parthenon in Nashville, TN. Payin’ the […]

  • IDS 167 Scott Walters

    This week we have a discussion with Scott Walters about a new business model for theatres in a small market.  We also discuss the “myth of Broadway”. Deep Fried Theatre: […]

  • IDS 165 Red Mountain Theatre

    This week we have an interview of Keith Cromwell, Executive Director, of Red Mountain Theatre Company.  He gives us the lowdown on their season starting with their current production of  […]

  • IDS 164 Stage Directions & TheatreFace

    We have returning this week… Jacob Coakley, editor of Stage Directions, to discuss new developments over at theatreface and his challenge for November. Payin the Rent: Stage Directions TheatreFace Tell […]

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