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IDS 418 Donate

This week as we take a small breather to recover from the Holidays, the IDS needs a little help from you dear IDSer.  Please follow the link “Hosting Donations Accepted” over on the left hand side of the IDS webpage or follow the link at the bottom of the show notes for this episode or click on the big image below to make a donation.  Monies raised go directly to help cover the cost of keeping the IDS on the intrawebs!  Thanks you for your thoughtful donation!!  IDSers rock!!!

Got a thought about this IDS episode?  Let your voice be heard by calling 615-866-1282 (VM) or put it in an e-mail [podcast(at)inexplicabledumbshow(dot)com]

DONATE to the Inexplicable Dumb Show here!  Thanks!!

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  1. johnfmauldin3 Says:

    Help the @InexplicableDS with it’s fund raising drive! Check out the details: