IDS 445 Blackbird Theater Myth

This week I am joined via Skype by Blackbird Theater‘s Wes Driver and Greg Greene.  We talk Myth: A New Musical-book and lyrics by Wes Driver and Greg Greene with music by Michael Slayton.  Enjoy!!

Deep Fried Theatre:


A world premiere musical set in the mythological world of ancient Greece, Myth is the epic and original story of how and why the gods were cast from Mt. Olympus.

The princess of Athens and the prince of Thebes are to be married. But an oracle portends doom. The mortals challenge the Fates. The gods intervene. And what follows is an impassioned tale of surprising romances, unlikely heroes, and, of course, the incomparable gods in all of their majestic, decadent glory.

Written by Blackbird founders Wes Driver and Greg Greene, with music by Michael Slayton.

Rated “PG-13?

  • Tickets can be found here.

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