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IDS 479 The IDS Honors Scot Copeland

I would like to take this week to honor and reflect on the life of Scot Copeland (Artistic Director of Nashville Children’s Theatre) .  I was asked if I was going to mention his passing on the podcast and I said I would even though I felt like I wasn’t the one able to give an acceptable homage since I never worked for Scot and knew him only a little socially.  I am therefore extremely grateful to actors:  Amanda Card and  Eric D. Pasto-Crosby for sharing their insights and their stories.

AP photo.

Click on image to see Nashville Children’s Theatre webpage dedicated to Scot.

Special Music used on this episode was Flowers of the Forest by Alan Bain from the album The Road to the Isles.

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    IDS 479 The IDS Honors Scot Copeland

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