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IDS 516 Thanksgiving Special 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, IDSers!!  Eat lots of turkey and stuffing then as you are slinking into your Tryptophan induced coma, please enjoy our Turkey Day special from the OTR series, My Friend Irma.  The episode is entitled Thanksgiving Turkey.  Enjoy!!


Our IDS Cast:

Cassidy Kidd as Jane.

Cassidy Kidd as Jane.

Kara Kindall as Mrs. O'Reilly.

Kara Kindall as Irma and Nancy.

Brad Oxnam as Prof. Kropotkin, Mrs. O'Reilly, and Turkey.

Brad Oxnam as Prof. Kropotkin, Mrs. O’Reilly, Turkey, and 2nd Announcer.

and with…

John Mauldin as Al and Announcer (Wendell Niles).

John Mauldin as Al and Announcer (Wendell Niles).

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One Response to “IDS 516 Thanksgiving Special 2016”

  1. InexplicableDS Says:

    ICYMI. Eat lots of turkey then enjoy…IDS 516 Thanksgiving Special 2016: Happy Thanksgiving, IDSers!!