IDS Episode 82 “The Have A Nice Day”

This week the IDS crew set up at the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Chattanooga, TN. We have interviews with Zan Sawyer-Dailey from the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville and Michael Rohd of Sojourn Theatre which is based in Portland, OR. We also have “inexplicable moments” from the conference floor featuring Trey Best and Megan Stine. This the first installment of our multi-part expose on the SETC experience…we got a lot of great interviews and we plan sharing all of them with you. Enjoy!

Deep Fried Theatre:

SETC (Part 1):

Thanks to all that chatted with us while at SETC…Your moment in front of the microphone is coming!

IDS would like to thank the Southeastern Theatre Conference for all their assistance in Chattanooga.  We look forward to many more years of being involved in the SETC experience.

Let us know what you think…call us 615-866-1282 or e-mail us!

2 Replies to “IDS Episode 82 “The Have A Nice Day””

  1. Zan Sawyer Dailey

    You guys are terrific! Thanks so much for the work you are doing, and for being so much fun. It was a pleasure to meet you and to talk with you. Hope to see you at Humana.

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